Frequently Asked Questions

  • Run and Supported by TCW

    We are a small team, but we are looking for more people. it's more likely your suggestions/help get accepted


    We don't like beeing sold. Wanna ask us how we make money? What we log? Come and ask, we are happy to help.

Bots and websites don’t run themself.
We sell 0 data to 3rd party or any scammers.
Currently we don’t sell anything,
all the money we get are whatever we earn by doing private jobs IRL or by small donations

Nothing only whatever Discord API saves by default

In Future?
Most likely command usage by % so we know what’s popular and what’s not, but never full commands or messages.

Nice !
Yes you can, if you have spare buck or 2, donate on patreon or Bitcoin (or  you can message me directly and we’ll talk about getting your money to me 🙂
Patreon –
BitCoin – 1N7B4NcirSNzYjfyHM9fX3LpaoCuVdun61
Can’t Donate?
Join our Discord and help us, Can’t code? u can do art, voiceover, anything really
if you want to help we’ll find something you can do ^^

no, unless
A: you bribe me (good luck) 
B: it was an “accident” (doubt)
C: you just sorry (maybe?)

We dont like BS, so be honest and treat me like a human

if it’s not in “known bugs” (currently page not existing)
drop us a line: matti thechemicalworkshop com
(if you don’t know how to make valid electronic mail adress from this, then sorry)

5-10€, we are poor
99% of the time however we don’t spend any money

mail us, let us know on discord or anywhere
if you can help to create that feature/bot/whatever, sure we’ll try if we can ^^

Well, read the “features” page, if you can’t figure it out let us know we’ll try to help

chill, I’ll get to them once i have time
unless you got blocked then well… ask yourself why